This morning when I woke up, I went to the aquarium and turned on the lights to wake everyone up for their morning feeding.  Much to my surprise, the darkened blue diamond actually looked blue!  Granted, it was still darker than it should be, but it’s progress.  About 10 minutes after they ate I noticed he was losing color again.  This afternoon I f0und information that would suggest discus don’t like too much light…

Jesus…  is there anything they DO like??

So at least until I notice some long-term improvement I’ll keep my lighting at half.  Fortunately I selected plants that can survive under low light conditions, so other than probably slowed growth, I shouldn’t have any issues.

I had expressed my desire to own a saltwater tank to a fellow fish blogger, but I thought it seemed terribly intimidating.  The blogger told me they thought discus were harder to care for than a reef tank, and I’m beginning to understand why.

The number of articles and websites I’ve had to pour over recently have been a bit mind numbing, and frankly that drives me even harder to keep this fish blog.  Hopefully it will be something of a one-stop-shop for information if you’re planning on trying your hand at keeping these fish.


God be with you, if you do.